Out of the Ordinary

Jake and I dropped off our girls with my mother-in-law at 4 PM this afternoon. Jake started working at his summer music camp this evening, which marks the first night of five weeks of nights that he'll be gone late. I don't mind too much, I'm glad that one of his summer gigs didn't fall through (next full paycheck will be the end of September - I try not to think about it [insert smiley face]).

So where does that leave me? Alone. I'm a natural loner - a loner who loves people, but not always being around people (How does that work? I don't know...it's a bit complicated). I've been enjoying myself. I sang through several hymns, it is Sunday, after all, and I didn't have to worry about anyone listening to my plunky one finger piano accompaniment. Highlights included "My Shepherd will Supply my Need" and "More Holiness Give Me." I fell in-love with MHGM a few years ago. It feels like one of the deepest desires of my heart - my most genuine prayer.

More holiness give me. More strivings within. More patience in suffering. More sorrow for sin. More faith in my Savior. More sense of his care. More joy in his service. More purpose in prayer [...] More fit for the kingdom. More used would I be. More blessed and holy -- More, Savior, like thee.
 After my own private concert, I read through a paper I wrote my junior year in college about American Folklore. I've been thinking about expanding it. I can't wait to make it way better than it is because, "Whoa." I was taking 21 hours that semester, and towards the end, I had 13 papers due in 2 weeks. It shows. My professor granted me some major mercy in the grade I got.

Then I went in to bake some bread. I went crazy. I unintentionally doubled the recipe because I couldn't remember if I'd added 6 or 7 cups of flour to the first batch, I decided to make rolls out it and make new dough with pre-measured flour. I'm glad I did it all over because I definitely added an extra cup of flour, making the grand total 8 cups. The reason for the confusion, I was singing along to my favorite songs and lost count. I had to be fair to the recipe, hence the redo.

Somewhere in the midst of waiting on dough to rise, I attempted a headstand in my kitchen, which was a feat unto itself because it is super tiny. I nailed it. No wall to catch me, definite possibility of breaking something if I fell over...like a window or a chair, or the glass on the counter, or myself. Forgetting about all of those things and just going for it turned out to be beneficial. I didn't stay up long because I was so surprised I did it, and I didn't attempt it again incase the first time was a fluke. I suppose my mind has been expanded in this quick session of my yoga practice: I didn't worry about myself and ended up overcoming myself. How useful.

When taking out our daily collection of materials to compost, I thought about Cora and how she calls  bras my boobs. Earlier today, she said, "Mom, your boobs are up here in the laundry room." while pointing to the bras that were hanging up drying. It makes me laugh. Yes, I'm missing them. Phew, right? And I'm wondering how easily they were able to go to sleep. I might not feel as sentimental when I'm sleeping in tomorrow. I haven't seen the backs of my eyelids after 6:30-6:45ish for a while. This morning, they were up at 6:20 and Magnolia was grouchy during Sacrament Meeting at church, which starts at 10. I digress. I'm picking them up at 4 on Tuesday. That's right, tomorrow I am free from my ordinary duties. I mean, I might still pick up after myself and stuff. Maybe.


  1. The girls went right to sleep, one at 8 and one at 8:30. It got a little rocky around midnight for Nolia when she started coughing and being a little restless. We were up about an hour but Cora kept right on snoozing. After Magnolia got a drink and a tiny dose of medicine, she slept the rest of the night. In fact, it's almost 7 and she's not up yet. Cora and I are snuggled on the couch watching Disney. I'm glad you are enjoying your time to yourself. I know it doesn't happen often enough as a mama.

  2. Thank you for the update. ;)

  3. A free day every once in a while is "food for the soul." Happy you were able to enjoy it!



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