For the last 6 or so years, Jake has gone to the same hair stylist. It started out as a necessity. She was close, and kept hours that worked with his schedule. I wasn't sure how long he would continue seeing her because, honestly, I wasn't ever sure she did a very good job.

Are you onto me yet?

Yes, I have been cutting Jake's hair for what is actually closer to seven years. Each time I do it, I swear it will be the last time. It never is.

It started out easy. I bit the bullet and bought a clipper set that I didn't know would see more than one use. After some YouTube videos and the instructional DVD that came with the set, I went to work. And it wasn't terrible. Somewhere along the way, we have graduated from the clipper set, and I only use shears. I actually have always cut the top with shears. The transition to only shears is what made it less enjoyable, but only because it requires more precision. I love it when he asks if I can do a certain thing and I get to tell him flat out, "No!" Then I kindly remind him that I am not a professional.

In the early days, I did clip his ear once - twice - during the same session. But I've cut my fingers way more. Also in the early days, his dad and brother both sat down in my chair. Talk about extra terrifying. His brother has a scar on the back of his head that I didn't know about, and as I cut his hair, I thought I got too close. I was mortified and didn't say anything. I don't remember how it came up, but he and Jake both started talking about the scars they had on their heads and how both injuries occurred on their dad's watch (Jake's was from a swing). It was a huge relief.

At any rate, I went through a spell (a few years) where I would tell Jake he just needed to go have someone cut his hair, but he never did, and for as callous as I was to all of his whining about how long his hair was getting, I always gave in. [I like his hair longer. It's really soft and nice to cuddle up to at night.] For all of my reluctance, he makes for a pretty loyal customer. He came by and sat in my chair this evening. Our last two sessions have been on the deck. We were racing nightfall. How extra super Oklahoma is that? I wish I used a metal bowl as a guide and a mauve towel secured with a clothes pin as a cape.

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  1. that is so funny! i have been cutting Joe's hair for the past 4 years now. i am not very good at it but he doesn't seem to mind because the penny pincher inside him just loves that it's free!! haha!



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