My girls and I went to a late afternoon swim/dinner party at one of Cora's friend's houses in Okarche. Okarche is a small town about 45 minutes northwest of our house. We passed the OKC temple on our way out, and I told Cora we would stop by on our way home.

I was just going to drive by, but I asked Cora if she wanted to get out and walk around. It was an easy yes for her. My shirt was still wet from my swimsuit underneath and my hair piled high on top of my head, which was quite the contrast to the people arriving for the last session. We walked around to the fountain, all the while Cora was asking me important questions, and I was doing my best to answer them in an age appropriate way, though the fact that she was asking them made me not worry so much. Topics ranged from death to why some boys want to marry boys.

It has been so long since I've actually been inside the temple. Jake and I used to go all the time. For a while it was weekly, and for a summer, it was daily. I came home and threw my temple clothes (everyone wears white in the temple) in the washer to freshen them up, and I'm hoping to catch a session tomorrow morning.


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