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I was saving some things onto my flash drive tonight, and I came across a folder of old photos I'd scanned my senior year of college. I believe I scanned them all to make a collage for my biological father, Lance. A sort of catch up. They made my evening sweet with memories. Here you go...pre-braces and all. I guess I'll start with the most recent and work my way back.

Jake and I had a little photo shoot with one of our classmates a few months before we graduated so we could get a picture from our announcement. We were crammed into a corner in her tiny bedroom where she'd set up backdrops and lighting. It was fun, and this remains one of my favorites.

Senior Prom. The very day I turned 18. I didn't even buy a lottery ticket.

Prospector Ball, Senior Year. My date, Dustin, asked me in a really sweet way. I don't remember every little part, but there was a Care Bear in my dance locker.

Homecoming, Senior Year. I don't know why I have so many dance photos, maybe because I didn't miss many of the high school dances? I thought it was funny that I went with a boy a year younger than me. I also thought it was funny that he asked me because I thought he liked my friend. Hmm, maybe that's why.

 Choir Trip, Junior Year. Definitely at Disneyland. I sought Goofy out on every trip.

Ellen and me in chemistry, Junior Year. Do you ever look at the people you went to school with and feel way cooler because of some you got to spend part of your life and learning with? Ellen is one of those people. I like the way she sees the world and the things that inspire her.

Junior Year. I'm wearing what is probably one of my top three all-time favorite outfits. A grey sweater with trouser style cropped jeans - they hit about 3 inches above my ankle. And some amazing navy Steve Madden Mary Janes.   

Freshman Year. We were getting ready for the Music Man. Oh, Erica.

Patches. She died my junior year. I still cry about it sometimes. She's sitting on a rug my mom crocheted. I first learned how to crochet a similar item.

The day my eldest brother got married. I'm standing on the terrace of the Oakland Temple overlooking the bay. Just before this, I'd had the best turkey burger of my life somewhere in Oakland proper at a little place called Cafe by the Bay. 

A church dance after Youth Conference. I was 14 and with Kathy and Kristy Coleman.

We moved the summer before 8th grade. My new next door neighbor was my age, Krista. Her mom was from Honduras, and gave me some awesome braids before Girl's camp the summer between 8th and 9th grade. And while I'm thinking of the Evans family, her dad was a great cook, and they often invited me over for dinner. One night we had salmon steaks. That's all. 

8th grade graduation from Desert Shadows Middle School.

8th grade NJHS trip to Disneyland. My three best friends from those days: Cassie, Kayla, and Jessica. I'm terrified to sing infront of people (and have been for as long as I can remember), but on the way there [we were driving overnight on a tour bus], we all decided to sing using the microphone upfront. I sang something. Angel by Sarah McLachlan.

I don't remember how old I am here. 8 or 9. My mom and I were having photos taken at good ol' Olan Mills, along with my Aunt Kristin and her family. My mom and her saw these wire headbands at Tri-City Mall and both thought they were great. I think my cousin Katelynn and I thought so, too. Anyway, this is proof that some things are better left on the shelf.

2nd grade Fiesta! My mom made salsa for me to bring. We made paper mâché sombreros and maracas. That's all.

I don't remember how old I am here either. 6 or 7. We were at my Aunt Leisa's [not technically my aunt, but one of my mom's best friends. My mom lived with her and two other women when I was born. She may as well be blood], and someone from their group of friends dressed up like Santa. I got a silver jewelry box that looked like a cross between a bell and an apple. I kept the highest treasures in it, like all of the teeth I lost.

Kindergarten picture.

I was 4 or 6 in this. I was swinging at the house across the street from my babysitter's. The girl who lived there, Mary, also went to my babysitter. Mary's sister, Stephanie, used to take pictures of me for her photography class in high school. Their house was an adventure land.

 I was 4 [or 5]. We'd been to San Francisco, and then to Madera to our Aunt Vickie's home. We set up a house on her front lawn. In this photo are my cousins Katelynn and Megan. Megan is 7 months older than me, and I'm 2 months older than Katelynn. They are two great loves of my life.

I'm guessing I'm 1, maybe 2. I made a macaroni frame for my mom.

 When I see this, I think 19 months. I don't know why. Can you see my girls in me?


  1. Loved the pictures. It's so funny to look back and see all the styles! Plus I loved the photo of you, Katelynn and I! That was such a memorable trip! And yes, your girls look SO much like you.

  2. So you've always been adorable! We already knew your girls were mini-yous, and these photos just reinforce that.



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