This is a collection of random occurrences in the last few days:

- I rode Scoot (our scooter) to church on Sunday because I was running behind after the girls slept in (it ALWAYS happens on Sunday). The wind was blowing so hard, I had a death grip on the handles. In doing so, I missed a chance to do a motorcycle wave with a guy going southbound on Classen. Whenever that happens (the wave),  it's like a, "Who, Me?" moment. I feel like I'm part of a club.

- On the same trip, when I was at the intersection of NW Expressway and 63rd, about a mile from church, I noticed the car next to me inching up. I could just tell what was about to happen. "Hey!" I turned. "That's [with a head nod] really sexy." [Pause] "I just thought you should know." I instantly replied,

"Oh... Thanks.[?]" I turned forward and spent the rest of the red light hoping I wouldn't blow over. You see, normally things like this make me kind of angry. But this particular case was so SOOOO SOOOO funny to me. Here's why. These two [white] fellas were rollin' in a pimped out Monte Carlo. And as soon as I said thanks,  they rolled up their window and put their subwoofer to good use. Really? I'm just a Mormon girl on a red Vespa. I was even wearing boring black flats. It was the red Vespa for sure. I would like to recreate it driving my Subaru with a backseat full of car seats. At any rate, Ladies, if these guys are your type, I have discovered the secret weapon to hook 'em.

- I have a dog. He burped tonight. It was endearing. He also stood up on his hind legs and howled at a fire truck going by on our evening walk. I was impressed. He knows the first two weeks are a trial period.

- Magnolia had her two-year-old well-child check this afternoon. She weighs 22 pounds, and is 31 inches tall. (She's in the 3rd percentile for weight and the 2nd for height.) After taking three stickers, and stopping for the traditional small order of French Fries, she came home and ate most of Cora's candy from a birthday party over the weekend.

- Jake built a compost bin from portions of our old fence (it blew over in a storm a couple of months ago). I felt proud. I always do when he pulls out his hatchet.

- I'm incredibly tired because Cora was up on and off until 3 this morning not feeling well. This happened once before - she wakes up very near hysterical and there is nothing anyone can do to calm her down or change her mind about her situation. It's weird (and it was sad). She's usually pretty level headed.

I'd forgotten about this video until a few weeks ago. It makes me laugh every single time. 21 seconds is when the magic happens (turn your sound on).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your posts. Sounds like cora might be having night terrors. you might google it and ask yoyr pediatrician about it.



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