Tucked In

My girls are tucked in their beds. I am happy they are here. They add so much to me and my home, even if I super-duper loved my alone time. They were stricken with the same little cold I came down with yesterday - on my full free day! It's super minor, a little runny, but really itchy, nose, some drainage. I think I might start wearing a face mask to church. Or a full body mask.

Along with another woman, I teach 3 and 4 year olds - Sunbeams. They are cute, and I love them, but I want to bathe in antibacterial gel when I am done. Yes, I have been peed on. This sweet boy who isn't quite potty trained was giving it a go. I was walking him through it, and mid-stream, he asks, "Like this?" as he pulls his little sprayer up, and it shoots out everywhere. Luckily, just a little got on my shoe because I was blessed with quick reflexes, and my jumping and "No, no, no!" startled him enough to stop so we could regroup and talk about appropriate form. He wanted to try again this Sunday, and I was anxious, but he's definitely had more practice. Also this Sunday, as I was talking to the other teacher, one of the children turned to ask her a question. Her expression changed as she answered, and as he went back to his task, she said, "Spit just got in my eye, and I want to throw up." But all of this bodily fluid stuff isn't really what I want to talk about. It's just no wonder we all have something.

My free Monday:
- I made more bread because my bread on Sunday was a bust.
- Primed our front door. There are currently 5 coats of primer on. I think that'll do it. I need to match the color because when I went to open the white paint that the previous homeowner left for us, it was completely rancid. There was mold growing in it. And the smell - whoa - one of the worst ever.
- Jake and I went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I love old people, and this is something like the Golden Girls, set in India, with a more complex story line...and with Golden Boys, too. I'm also really excited about some upcoming films. I love matinée prices.
- We ate at Taj for lunch because we were super hung up on all of the scenes from India.
- I took a nap.
- Jake came home with Downton Abbey Season 2, which he has inter-library loaned at OCU. We watched all of season 1 on Netflix, and LOVED it, and then we couldn't find Season 2 anywhere. We'd been waiting patiently, and then thought, "Duh!" Some library is bound to have it. Our copy came from Bloomington, IN. We started watching Monday evening, and we have three episodes left.
- Before our movie date, we took some pictures. I meant to just take a picture of the skirt I picked up from St. Vincent de Paul a few weeks ago, but then I wanted to show its twirl qualities. And then we started jumping. My quads are still sore. I leave you with some of them, and please know that I can't wait to recreate these with Cora and Magnolia.

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  1. Fantabulously fun pictures to match your fun story!



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