We need help naming our dog

He came to us as a Davis. That is not his name. We thought of George early on, and we loved it. But after George came to us, we're not quite sure if he's really a George. We need ideas. Other names that we've been thinking: Hudson, Ernest, something with a "Ch" sound at the beginning.

A bit about "George:" he's part Schnauzer, part Old English Sheepdog. He weighs about 25 pounds. He's super mellow. He loves to cuddle. He assumed he would be sleeping with us until Jake kindly pointed out the size of our bed (full). He likes our girls. He hasn't barked yet. He doesn't jump up on people. He's a little timid around other dogs. He's pretty ideal.


  1. Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease name your dog Chester??? I have seriously always wanted a dog named Chester :)



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