Plants and a Conversation

While lying in a state of tired delirium in the middle of composing my last post, I knew I was forgetting something, but couldn't draw it forth from the recesses of memory before my eyes started closing involuntarily. It was one of the best random interactions in a while.

- I was walking George through Myriad Gardens while Jake and the girls were making tie-dye in the Children's Garden. There was a man sitting up on a little hill under a tree with his bike next to him. We're not very close to one another. "Is that your dog?" he called (loudly).

"Yes, we just got him." I yelled (called loudly back).

 - "You have Indian in you, don't you?"

"A little."

 - "What kind?"


 - "Oh, I could tell. Are you from around here?"


 - "What's your last name?" I told him. "Oh, I know your people."

"Oh, yeah?"

 - "There's a lot around the South. I'm kin with your kin."

"Cool, well, it's my married name."

 - "You have to watch out for family marrying family. They call it kissing cousins around here. So you're husband's from here?"

"Yes, but that family line came from Kentucky."

 - "Yep, I know your people."

"So, you're married?"

 - "Yes."

"Do you have Kids?"

 - "Yes, two."

"That's great."

 - "Well, I need to get going. Have a good day."

"God bless you."

 - "You, too."

I went on my way, happy for the blessings from a random park goer. And for a dog pulling on his leash so I had a good way out of a pretty awkward conversation. I wasn't quite sure how long it would have gone on. I want to get to a point where I don't care how long talking to someone might take. Maybe when I have more uninterrupted time. Maybe someday I'll be the person on the hill with Josephine [my bike] parked next to me calling out to people passing by.

Tonight is the first game of the NBA finals happening right here in my city, two miles from Dot. I get nervous - I like tuning in during the second half. I went out to water our plants during the first quarter. I'm glad I did. This evening was beautiful. The air around me filled with the scent of basil when the water his the plant. The smell is still in my nose. I thought how lovely it would be to have a whole garden of basil. I would never forget to water it. We also have lavender, and I just smelled it for the first time a few days ago. It hasn't flowered yet, and I'd been assuming flowers and fragrance go together. I rubbed my fingers on the leaves and brought them to my nose. Delightful. I feel so proud that, for not really having any idea what I'm doing, these plants are growing and lovely because we've been tending them.

Well, it's the third quarter and things are heating up. Er, Thundering Up.
I love this tee from DNA Galleries - Pretty soon it will just say Best Ever.


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