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I went to the doctor yesterday. I am off of bedrest. YES! First order of business: Pick up Cora! We went outside and played in a little pool that one of our neighbors brings down to the yard. She is great, she brings her pool down, fills it up, let's everyone play in it, and takes it all down again when the day is done. Cora finally got to wear her super cute suit I picked up in the middle of winter. I will post pictures eventually. Our computer has been at the Apple store for the last 9 days.

Today we went to the library - twice. My card has been missing for a few months. I went in to square away the fine I knew was on my account, but I needed to have something with our address on it, according to the clerk. So dumb! I asked her what would work, and she said a piece of mail. I should have put So dumb here. I thanked her for her help (even though I wasn't really thankful), and walked the 4 blocks home, picked up my piece of mail and headed back. I got a different librarian. He didn't even look at my mail, just my photo id. If I wouldn't have just been able to go outside again, I would have been perturbed. But I did get 8 extra blocks in, and I've got some movement to make up.

I took my last round of progesterone yesterday. I could take it through 37 weeks, but if you couldn't tell already, I'm ready to meet Magnolia. I've got a list of activities that will carry me through - things I've yet to do/see in Chicago. And repeats of some of my favorites.

Friday: Ultrasound
Saturday: Buckingham Fountain/People watch at Millenium Park
Sunday: I'd like to have a baby on this day. If not, church and the lake
Monday: Chicago History Museum
Tuesday: I'm giving this day to Jake to use as he wishes in preparation for his final presentation on Wed.
Wednesday: Doctor appointment and Something at the university - Smart Museum or Oriental Institute.
Thursday: Lincoln Park Zoo
Friday: if I'm not feeling totally cheap - the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower)

That's all I've got for now. Hopefully I won't get through it all before Magnolia arrives.


  1. I like your attitude, Miss Brie. By making plans ahead of time, maybe some little someone will crash your party and decide to come on out to see us. If that doesn't happen, at least you will have used your time wisely while eagerly anticipating Magnolia.

  2. I agree with Tracey. That is how Andrew came about. All of the plans I had for the 2 weeks before he was supposed to get here are still not done. Hoping Maggie will get here soon. Love you!

  3. Oh and not to state the obvious but it's Mhari not James. :-)

  4. hey=at least you are off bed rest!!! :0)

  5. If you haven't gone to the John Hancock building you might consider doing that instead of the Sears Tower. It has a great view of a lot of the historical pieces of Chicago and you can listen to a narration of the history of Chicago as you go around the building and look at the different views. It was very interesting. I learned a lot about Chicago when I did it. :) Good luck with everything.



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