To Andrew on his Blessing Day

Hi Baby Andrew,

I'm so happy you finally got to meet all of your mom's sisters (and your grandpa and great-grandma)! You have a boat load of crazy-cool aunts. I hope you're enjoying playing and cuddling, and laughing with all of them. I wish that we could be there with you. Cora still talks about meeting you. And she didn't even get to see you smile, but she does love looking at all of your pictures.

You won't remember today, the official happenings, but you will definitely always feel the love that is surrounding you. It will be with you your whole life through.

Tell your mom Happy Mother's Day with a big gummy kiss. She'll enjoy it.

We love you!

PS: I just want you to know that when Aunt Kiersty came for Cora's blessing, she [Cora] threw up all over her. Not that I'm wishing that for her again, but if you do need to throw up, she knows how it goes.


  1. We wish that you could be here too!He's been such a happy baby this weekend, probably much better than when you were here in January! Luckily for Kiersty there hasn't really been any projectile vomitting!

  2. We missed you all too. I'm glad you were thinking of us though. Kiersty avoided being puked on but Kalli got it twice. :-) It was totally awesome! I'm glad Cora still remembers him. Next time he'll be a lot more interactive and love his big cousin. Big hugs to you on Mother's day and much love! PS lots of pics to follow.



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