Where it Ought Not Be

Tonight Jake took Cora's hair out of her little Yellow rubber band. A few minutes after her hair was out, Jake asked "where's your rubber band?"

To which she replied, "nose," while pointing to her right nostril.


I looked up, thought I saw something, and went for the tweezers. I ended up tweezing out a big booger on my first attempt. Hmmm.

I got a flashlight.

I looked for a while. Nothing. I made her blow her nose, we wiggled around, I looked again. Aha! I see a rubber band. In her left nostril. I pull it out. Oh wait.

It's Blue.

And it is covered in boogers, and kind of crunchy - you know how old rubber bands get. I have no idea how long it has been there. It's been several days since we've used a blue one...I can't remember to be exact. Sunday - pink, Monday - pink, Tuesday - white, and today's yellow.

So tonight, while she lay sleeping in her bed, there is a foreign object floating around somewhere in her nasal cavity. Did I already say "Great?"


  1. maybe it's mixed really well with dry crusty YELLOW boogers?!
    Haven't had anything up one of kids noses yet, knock on wood. Actually, maybe I have and I just didn't know...

  2. I love this story- not just because you had to tweeze Cora's nose but because it means that Cora is getting big- I can't believe it!

  3. That is a cute story & at least she knew where it was...:0~ Great Job!



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