This Floral Chair

Today I woke up with sinuses full of snot and a migraine caused by lack of sleep. Jake and Cora went to the pharmacy and picked up some Zyrtec, and then to Hype Park Produce where, among other things, he picked up some sea salt for Neti Pot. If you are an allergy sufferer and don't have a neti pot, you should get one. I used it a little while ago, and oh sweet relief.

Chicago has been in the upper 80's, and I believe some 90's are on the horizon. This is the land of awesome old buildings without central air conditioning. Our apartment is a blazin'. I've resigned myself to the den, formerly known as the guest room. It's the coolest room. When we rearranged everything, we moved a large floral chair in here. I am glad about that.

This has been one of my all time favorite chairs since I first laid eyes on it on July 7, 2003. It was sitting in my not-yet in-laws living room. It had all of the perfect colors, and two people could fit in it. I was happy to inherit it way back in our 495 sf studio days, even though it totally clashed with the couch and was way too big for the space. I haven't always had the perfect place for it, but it has stayed with us.

As I'm sprawled out across it, two fans pointing at me from different directions, with my belly bulging up from the center, I am certain this is the perfect place for it right now.

Bless you, Chair. I promise you a thorough cleaning when we get back to Oklahoma. You will get to grace the sunroom in the apartment I'm still praying we'll get to reside in. And I will read Dandelion Wine in you at the start of every summer we get to be together.

PS: Tomorrow, two families I know who are supposed to have children go in for surgery. One is for her hand, and the other is for his heart. You can send good thoughts and lots prayers their direction.


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