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Before I had Magnolia, I was certain I was going to use cloth [reusable] diapers. I'd contemplated it with Cora, but went ahead with disposables. After realizing how easy it is to ditch disposables, I wondered why I was so hesitant in the beginning. I did tons of research on what brand, what type of diaper, etc. It was overwhelming. Who knew there could be so many options? I settled on a brand called GroBaby that used organic liners [the part that holds the stuff babies get rid of] that snapped in and out of the covers [the part that makes sure what the baby gets rid of stays contained], so if the liner was wet, but the cover wasn't, I could reuse the cover. Less laundry!

I ordered them when GroBaby was rebranding to GroVia, so all of the diapers with the "GroBaby" brand were on sale, plus I bought them on Earth Day which made for even greater savings. It was one of the luckiest compound sales ever. It was almost better than Christmas when they came in the mail. I tried them on Cora, who was still in diapers at the time. When Magnolia came, we waited until she reached the minimum weight requirement, then we used them and loved them.

Fast forward to us moving into Dot, and figuring out that our sewer line had basically collapsed in one spot. Before we realized what was going on, we knew one thing: hot water made the sewer gas fumes rise. It was smelly. We took short showers. Cloth diapers must be washed in hot water. Between laundry inconveniences and negligence on my part, most of my cloth diapers were ruined. I didn't want to start a completely new stash of diapers, so we switched to disposables full time. It's been that way for several months.

Magnolia has had a rash on and off on the lower part of her back, and with this last batch of disposables, it hasn't gone away. I went into Green Bambino last week for their sidewalk sale, picked up a swim diaper, and knew what I must do to fix the rash. I talked to the store owner and let her know I didn't want to completely reinvest because Magnolia will probably be potty trained in the next six months. She recommended the Econobum system. It's different from what I'm used to in that it uses pre-fold liners (you know, the things most people use as burp cloths). I read all of the reviews, and they are surprisingly great. I haven't read a bad one yet. And surprisingly because this is the budget system. I went in again today and picked up the trial pack and have been prepping them to try out on Magnolia tomorrow.

So far, I really like how simple the system is. There aren't a million different colors of covers. The fabrics are soft and simple. All of these things mean a huge savings. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they perform. After our little trial tomorrow, I'm going to go back in on Wednesday with my Local card for 10% off what I can fit in one of the Green Bambino bags.

And lastly, it rained today. I'm so glad about that because I thought it might miss us for a while. It wasn't much, but it was perfect. Warm and not too heavy. If I would have had someone to sit with the girls, I would have gone for a long lovely run.

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  1. I do love the G-diaper system that I am using currently....for both the name of the system (and that each diaper cover has a cute little g on the bum) and because of the flushable liners......



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