Jake is the music director for a summer music camp production of Les Miserables. I went to see it tonight. It was my first time to see the show. I really enjoyed it, and tonight's Jean Valjean was AMAZING! His name is Alex Miller. He just graduated from a local high school and will be off to study musical theatre at the University of Michigan in the fall. He was my favorite part.

I loved seeing what songs belonged to what character. Oh, Eponine. Sweet Eponine. What a tender role to play.

Pre-children: I never missed anything Jake played for, with the exception of a few instrumental recitals, and obviously parties and weddings he was hired for.

Children: It is a rare occasion that I get to see him in action. I feel lucky every time I'm able to go. He does SO MUCH, and I love the little bit I get to see and share with him.

A secret: I still get giddy when I watch him on stage (or hear him in the pit).

After the show, Jake gave me the second half of the backstage tour. Old theatres are fascinating to me. The same part of my brain that loves old houses is probably responsible for this affinity. It didn't disappoint. I want to explore every nook and cranny, even the creepy parts. ;) He walked out of the house to the glow of the ghost light. Next on my list: Making it to the top of the Gold Star Building.

PS: "The Queen" parachuting into the stadium. I love the Brits. And the Olympics. My telly will be getting some major use during the next couple of weeks. What's your favorite summer sport? I can't decide. Track, gymnastics, volleyball...I think in that order, but they barely edge one another out in rank. [Winter is easy: ski jumping.]

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  1. I still love swimming and gymnastics. And then volleyball. I love the olympics!! I have my DVR all set and can't wait! So we will be driving through your lovely city next month but it will be pretty late I believe because we are stopping in Wichita on the way to Omaha. If we can get there earlier maybe we can stop and see you for a few.



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