Today started out with a family bike ride. Yesterday Cora really wanted to try riding without her training wheels. We rode around our neighborhood for a while and came back to our block to take those training wheels off. She was pretty scared, but she has tried it. When we were done, Magnolia wasn't quite ready to go home, so I took her out for a ride while Jake and Cora went in search of the perfect weed eater.

Part of our trip took us down the strip of Broadway known as Automobile Alley. Our final destination was Bricktown so she could play in the Dancing Waters fountain. We've been there three or four times in the last two weeks. It's just as fun every time. Then we made our way down to the canal because she remembers that ducks live there. The ducks did not disappoint. We got to ride up to street level in an elevator with Josephine, a bike and an elevator - it was my first time. Then we went to the library for a drink and got home  at the same time as the rest of our family. The garage door was open. Perk!

Cora and I spent the afternoon making a car out of a box that some friends dropped off full of bubble wrap last night. We have enough bubble wrap for a week's worth of popping. When Cora suggested we make a car out of the box, I was thrilled. I've decided it would be fun to have a random sized/shaped box dropped off every day to see what we can come up with.
(Yes, it's a convertible.)

I've been lazy with my weekly menu and shopping this summer. My schedule feels so weird because of the shift in Jake's time at home and when he goes to work. I stretched our cupboards as far as they could go for dinner last night and lunch today, so we ended up eating out for dinner. I've been feeling increasingly more guilty when we eat at restaurants, even though it is something I really enjoy.

I LOVE good food. I make a lot of it, and that's the thing: I also enjoy a break every now and again. Being vegan, there are few thoughtless meals. Sometimes my brain and body are just tired. Anyway, we made a "Get out of debt plan" a few weeks ago, and I'm even more excited about that than a night off from head chef in my kitchen. There are also a few material things I've got my eye a dryer that doesn't burn our clothes. And a new bike. You know, one with gears to make pulling my children around a little easier. I went to Schlegel the other day and tested some out. There was a clear winner. I love Josephine, but I can't ride as much as I'd like to. Don't even think this means I'm somehow confessing I'm weak, that my quads aren't up for the task...hmm. Well. I refuse to be the reason why my family eats out in the next few months. I will keep a well stocked kitchen and bring my "A" game because my eyes are on the prize[s].

Tonight, after I put the girls to bed, I mapped out a sixteen-week half-marathon training schedule. I've made my mind up that it's time (in the shower, of course - that's where my best thinking takes place). I've got a date in Tulsa on November 18th. Depending on how this goes, I might just have bigger plans in April in OKC.


  1. Hey BrieAnn! Your comment about bubble wrap and boxes made me think of this post on someone else's blog. :)

    Jennifer L.



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