Old Dresses

I found an old prom dress in my closet the other day. It's hidden in the abyss of the corner next to my graduation gown and cords. As a teacher, I wore my gown to graduation, however, since I am not currently a teacher, I'm not sure I need to hold onto them anymore. Naturally, I was curious about the prom dress. I put it on, and somehow, after much work on Jake's part, it zipped. And I understood what wearing a corset must feel like. It's actually taken in about 2 inches through the bodice. I think it's time to let it out.

I love this dress. Kelly was a year ahead of Crystal and me in school. She didn't need the dress anymore, so she gave it to both of us. Crystal wore it to prom sophomore year and I wore it junior year. We switched and exchanged a few more times with other friends, but somehow I ended up with it. It's so soft and sweet and easy. I took about a million pictures this afternoon. It was fun. It felt like when I was pregnant with Cora and took all of my maternity shots. I would get home from work, and the lighting would be perfect in our apartment. I'd set the timer on my camera and run back forth to set and shoot until just the right shot emerged. Here's my all time favorite one:

This afternoon, we went to the Museum of Art [OKCMOA]. If it's between 1-4 in the afternoon on the first full weekend of the month, and we are in town, my little family is almost always at the museum for Drop-in Art. Today we painted. I love when we "just" get to do something like paint or draw or use pastels. Here is our work. Can you guess who painted what? Clue: Cora did created three pieces.

Today I was reminded how much I love the clickety-clack that happens when wrapper-less crayons hit one another. Magnolia has been into peeling the wrappers off. It must be something like a sensorial dream for tiny fingers to pick and peel away the paper. When I was little, I loved breaking crayons in half because of that perfect snap. I also decided that if I could be any color of crayon, I would be blue green. The wrapper is so unassuming. It might be mistaken for something as low profile as cadet blue, but it's anything but. Click here for some amazing crayon love. [Yes, it's the Mr. Rogers "How Crayons are Made" video.] 

And because I don't put on a prom dress any old day of the week, I'll leave you with a few more of the pictures. I might just dig out my wedding dress to see if I can still get that baby on. If it happens, pictures will ensue.

PS: On this very day, nine years ago, I stepped foot on Oklahoma soil for the first time. 

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  1. You are just such a breath of fresh air. i love the pictures of you in your prom dress; I love that you have kept it and that it fits you beautifully. It is a classic dress and I especially love the picture of you holing the skirt out. (The painting behind you is intriguing as well.) I am also so happy that you are writing more often. I so look forward to reading your blog. Someday, I hope you will put many of your stories together and publish them. They are truly wonderful.



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