Today, I...

Laundry detergent a little different than my last two batches
Jalapeño Cilantro hummus
Salsa using a pepper that I grew AND roasted
A pail liner for our diaper pail
A new recipe for dinner - It's a keeper.

Grocery shopping with my whole family, including Jake. I decided grocery shopping with him is like shopping when I'm hungry. Usually I plow through my list with no time for extras. He decided carrying the list was his job.
For a run this morning. I practiced a little yoga in the middle. I found a tree at one of my favorite parks, cleared my mind, and tried a headstand. My body went wibble-wobble-shake when I came away from the tree. I planted my pinkies in the mud, got all of my energy working together and stayed there, on my head until I was satisfied I was only moveable on my terms. When I was done, I got up and ran like I haven't in a long time.

am grateful for:
the amount of tangible things I was able to accomplish. (But maybe not so much for all the food I ate as a result of the hummus and salsa - I'm currently fighting the urge to go get my bag of chips and see how much more of them and salsa I can stuff inside my gut.)
the way my husband kissed me before he left for work this evening.


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