Dear Hair

I think it's time we part. I'm still getting over a horrible DYI coloring disaster from the first few weeks after I had Magnolia. I am not a hair colorer, neither by profession or habit. I was desperate for a change, and everything but the inch of roots that had become darker during pregnancy looked great - the inch or so of my hair, however, was bright brassy orange-y. I was feeling extra tubby AND I had banana hair. I've had it professionally colored a few times in attempts to mask it (and the bright banana yellow all of my hair eventually turned), but somehow I keep ending up with bright blonde hair after several months.

I miss my perfectly lovely "dirty" blonde hair. I coax it out at the roots all the time. But my hair grows

s. l. o. w. e. r.
s.    l.    o.    w.

I saw this picture two days ago. I'm feeling it. It will give the faux blonde part of my hair a purpose. I can just keep lopping it off until my "real" hair is back in its entirety, and then I [almost] promise that my hair will never see artificial color again.
(Click on the picture to link to the amazing color journal of Johnny Ramirez)


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