Toward the end of church, when I was in class with my little three and four-year-olds, one was trying to escape because she thought her grandpa was there, so I went and stood in-front of the door while we sang a few songs before parents [and grandparents] really arrived. While doing so, one of my other class members ran up to give me a hug. Sweet, right? I happened to be standing right in front of the door handle, and when he jumped toward me, it pushed me into the handle. It went in that tender little place between the back on my pelvis and the bottom of my rib cage, and it is so sore! It hurt when it happened, but now I just want to sit in an ice bath...or a really hot one, whatever would make it feel better, or not feel worse, and just be still. 

I think it's so funny that for as fierce as [I think] I am, Scoot tried to eat my fingers yesterday, and a four-year-old pretty much laid me out today. In my defense, he's all there. And he was running fast, and he jumped toward me. I mean, that's intense. I will have to work on my reaction time, though he did have the element of surprise on his side. I might add full body pads to the list that also contains face mask as part of my essentials for church.


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