This was one of the best thirty minute chunks of time I've dedicated to a random task in a while. After three youtube videos (the first two were duds), I learned how to tie a bow tie. It isn't perfect, but I feel proud. 

I went to Red, White, and BOOM! tonight. My favorite musical moment is always when they do the songs of the armed forces, and the men and women stand up when their song is played. We were sitting next to someone in the air force, and I know he dates back to at least the Korean War. There were moments when I thought being there was a mistake, but I had my eye on the prize - I knew what was coming at the end. My girls were tired, but they held up quite well. Cora really wanted a slushy, and she thought the music was too loud, but she fell asleep around 9:40 (fireworks started at 10). Magnolia was all over keeping herself entertained. I'm so glad I had a little bottle of antibacterial gel in my bag. It was a great distraction to get us through to the fireworks. And oh, heavens, the fireworks were fantastic. Magnolia just sat in my lap, completely mesmerized. I loved it. Her on my lap content, Cora asleep in the stroller next to me. I'm not going to forget this evening. Not ever. 

And just think, it's only the third of July. Fireworks all over again tomorrow. YIPPEE!

*Note to self: Take the double stroller next year. It maneuvers like a dream, and when your four-year-old falls asleep and you have to carry two chairs and a two-year-old, you need the easiest of easy. But we managed, and it really wasn't so bad. This mom is on cloud nine. 


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