Women are Heroes

I'm lying on my couch in the dark staring at the moon. It's warm and glowing and perfectly framed in my window.

I've been reading and listening to stories of women that are hard to hear. I feel helpless when I hear stories like these. I used to avoid them, often becoming physically ill or finding myself in a reclusive stupor for hours after. I've let my guard down in the last few years. If anything at all, I could hear a woman tell her story and in a way share some part of her experience because I knew it happened. They're always difficult. Being the mother of daughters has not only heightened my sense of worry and grief at the way women and girls are treated, but also my resolve to help make it better.

Listening, letting myself hear individual voices, rather than simply knowing horrible things happen has been my first step. And it has been a hard one. But because of whatever it was that allowed me to be born where I was and grow up where I did with the rights that I have as a woman, I have a responsibility to help in whatever way I can. And there are ways. I spent some time at Half the Sky's site. It's an expansive resource.

After a little digging, I came across a project called Women are Heroes. The artist's use of surprise is one the best I've ever seen. He finds the "life" inside through unconventional portraits of women who have had heartbreaking experiences. Here is the trailer. And just incase you're sensitive to nudity, there are a few seconds at the beginning of a woman calmly working through labor.



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