Urban Sprawl is depressing.

This might be something like cabin fever. It's been extra hot the last week or so. I'm not usually a weather weenie. It's the end of July, of course it's hot. My most rational side knows this. We've been staying inside more, which is fine. I'm kind of a homebody. Here's the real deal-ee-o:

Jake needed a few "back to school clothes," and he had the afternoon off, so we went. We started out on the Plaza, but the shops we wanted to go to are closed on Monday (I hardly remember what day of the week it is). We headed to Penn Square. We left with one thing, ate lunch at Elephant Bar because one of his students from last semester tipped him with a gift card, and then headed to Kohl's. Why did we head to Kohl's? We have two unused gift cards, and thought we might find some staples.

Our epic journey up NW Expressway began. We drove by the endless chain restaurants and stores, miles and miles of them. And then we spent almost an hour and a half in Kohl's, and do you know what we left with? A rug. A RUG! It's cute, but I don't think I would have paid attention to it if it wasn't on sale. I let the red tag mess with my mind. The red tag and the stand alone big box of a store in the middle of a parking lot, in what seemed like should be the middle of nowhere.

We then made our way back down the said Expressway. It was soul crushing and left me in a funk. I think I started breathing normally again when I rounded the curve onto Classen - the one I always pretend I'm a race car driver when I go around. Flower Garden Park and Fringe Gallery (I can't believe I still haven't been), Memorial Park's Fountain, Lee's Sandwiches. I could live contently in a 1x5 mile swath of the city (with the exception of needing a better grocery store). I could ride my bike or walk everywhere.

These points somehow lead to the point I'm trying to make:
It's hot.
I've been driving more.
I've been riding my bike/walking less.
I miss public transportation.
NW Expressway is long.
I made brownies tonight and cut my piece right out of the middle.

This might be the real point: I need dense urbanization in my life, or none at all. The sprawling middle ground I find myself in is difficult sometimes. I think I might avoid driving for a day or two. And I feel like when I do spend money, most of it should be spent in the lovely brave establishments in my little 1x5 urban oasis.

PS: If I happened to be business savvy, I would figure out a way to buy out the Homeland store at the edge of my 'hood and open a super awesome produce market. Because I like local produce markets. And I like people. Rather than running it, I'd like to wear an apron and stock the fruits and veggies. And talk to the people I like. And tell them they should try kumquats. And host seasonal cooking classes.

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