We live across the street from a non-profit organization that does really amazing things. I've been following them for a year on facebook, waiting for the perfect opportunity to volunteer. My girls are almost always with me, so I needed something they could help with. Yesterday, I saw a call for volunteers on their page. They needed people to come help sort school supplies for 430 children. Four-year-olds are probably the best sorters around. Here's a blurb:
Through the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program (a program offered through Sunbeam’s Caregiver Fundamentals Program), grandparents will receive backpacks filled with school supplies for their grandchildren to start the upcoming school year. Oklahoma ranks TOP 5 in the nation for the number of grandparents raising grandchildren!
It was such a joy to see Cora helping. She did whatever she was asked, and when she ran out of things to do, she wasn't hesitant to go ask someone for a new task. She was sad when we had to leave. I volunteered at the Regional Food Bank's Letter Carrier's Food Drive a few months ago, and I met a really cool couple. They volunteer at so many things, and they raised their children [all grown] to do the same. They now bring their grandchildren with them to events. An example of their service: She was in-charge of organizing all of the water stops for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (finding volunteers to run the stops, ordering all of the materials, making sure there were enough hoses to reach from the hydrants to the tables, so many little details!). It was fun to talk with them.
(Photo taken from Sunbeam Family Services)

I've really missed community involvement, but I totally understand that at this point in my life (mother of small children), I have priorities that take precedence. I was happy and humbled to help in some way, and to do it with my children. There were mountains of school supplies! Way better than the school supply aisles at the stores! I think it would be fun to do something in conjunction with this event, like have a group of people write little "love notes" to slip in the backpacks wishing the kids a happy first day of school and wonderful year. As a former teacher, today was special to me. I had so many students who didn't have the things they needed for school. Knowing that 430 students will be able to walk into their classrooms with a feeling of preparedness makes my heart sing.


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